The Advent of Unlikelys


Here’s something I’ve been playing with – using the dioramas to build sequential narratives. It’s a character study in comic form, if you will. Here’s the scoop:

After the Second American Civil War, but before WWIII, a villain released cosmic space dust into the atmosphere. As a result, new beings joined us, and it was just the beginning.

Closed View

advent open

advent tilted back

Watch out for the space dust.

This can be yours!
$450 (includes domestic shipping anywhere in North America).

The Ghost in the Grandmother Clock

Ghost in the Grandmother Clock

Tin box shaped like a house

The inspiration for this comes from family, and in particular, my grandmother.

Rosamond Laurie Doran died before I was born, in Panama.  She was a nurse.

The names on the tombstones belong to the dead raccoons that were killed by cars. They are buried in my yard.

graveyard with tombstones

There is a ghost in the clock – shrouded, because I’ve never met this particular ghost.

inside the haunted house

Ghost in the grandmother clock

Symbols of the Doran Family

Above the bolo knife is a painting my grandmother made.  It’s the only thing I have of hers.  It hangs in my dining room, and she signed it. She was quite beautiful.

Rosamond Doran

I often sense that she looks after me.

Grandma Doran's painting

Tiny paper-cut flowers



The Ghost of Triton

The Ghost of Triton

My dad and I used to eat smokey kippered herring on saltines, when I was a kid. The tins came with a key that would open the can. If you didn’t do it correctly, a little metal tab would snap off and it was difficult to get the can open.

This scene shows the ghost of Triton, haunting his old haunt. He’s accompanied by old friends. All the eyes glow in the dark. All the eyes except his.

Triton, detail - top of diorama

Triton, detail - middle of diorama

Triton, detail - bottom of diorama

A Reunion (in a pocket watch)

Pocket Watch with Skeleton greeting a dog

I think one of the best parts of entering the Land of the Dead will be reuniting with old friends (and by friends, I mean dogs).

This scene is made of several layers. The church door opens, too.

Skeleton greeting a dog

This is a silver pocket watch, which was broken when I found it.




Trash Panda

I started this blog 10 years ago today.  What’s more, this my month of Jubilation.   I just celebrated my 50th birthday.

I like to tell the story of how my friend Roni Noone advised me investigate using WordPress to enhance this site, which began in 2001. I set up a blog and began sharing art, and some other things that bring Joy. I called the site Joie de Vivre.

It was like adding water to a big box of instant powdered AWESOME LIFE mix. It amplified the great parts of life, and helped me cope with some very challenging, darker things.  I am brimming with gratitude.

Best Birthday Cake EVER

It seems appropriate to mark the occasion by sharing this photo of the best birthday cake that was ever made, or ever will be made, ever. It was perfect and delicious. Thank you my dear, lovely Maiden China. You are the best.