Junk Mail Art

Do you get a lot of junk mail? I sure do. I don’t mean SPAM…we all get that. I mean the good old fashioned snail mail variety. Credit card offers. Magazine offers. Services I never even knew existed.

What a waste of paper! It’s occurred to me that it can be re-purposed for good. To make someone (or some mechanical sorting device) have a brighter day! NOTE: I am not saying it’s a good idea to use the return postage paid envelopes…even though that’s a really funny thought.


Art History Junk Mail
Picasso Above, Monkey Below.

Mad Monkey Mask

I created a new flickr JUNK MAIL ART group, if you want to join in the fun.

I submitted these for ArtScape, too. Here’s the pen.

Junk Mail Pen

That’s all you need. And an idea or two. Post yours with mine on Flickr.

Pen and Ink

I submitted four drawings for consideration at a show in ArtScape this year. The show is really about pens. So, here are my two favorite pens:

Koh-i-neer Rapidograph technical pens

I love these – shown are the .25 and .50 mm nib models. I’ve found they don’t really gum up easily and are a dream to draw with and easy to take care for. I also have a .35 model, but I use these two most often.

Here are two of my four submissions:


Sleigh Bone Drawing

I’ve posted a draft of 7 Fish previously. Here’s the final drawing, click for larger:

7 fish

12×9 India ink on bristol board

I drew both of these using the technical pens.

Fourth Annual e-Learning Summit

I just got back from presenting at the Baltimore County Fourth Annual e-Learning Summit. I heard most of Susan Patrick’s keynote address, and was amazed to learn just how far Mexico and China are in developing e-Learning content and platforms.

I co-presented a talk with Heather Katz on creating accessible content for e-learning. Heather did a wonderful job of explaining the current state of Flash accessibility and best practices. This is the third talk I’ve given this year on accessibility, and I’ve created a new area on my site for the subject.

Talking about Melons
Here’s me, demonstrating how to talk with your hands. About fruit.

Nice watertower

Thank you to all the great people I met today.