Return of the Nut

Mount Royal Avenue is now circus peanut free.  It returned home safely after being on display in Baltimore city for 149 days.

There are several features about this piece that I haven’t yet shared – the PVC backbone contains actual circus peanuts. And the inside of the sculpture base is manned by these two fellows who kept an eye on things for me, since I obviously couldn’t be there.

Now you know.

And, there’s more to the story.


For part two of  “Screens and Zines” autumn kickoff weekend, Leezle and I spent a few hours at the Baltimore Book Festival. We volunteered our time at the Make Your Own Zine booth, and did just that.  I don’t know that we helped much, but it was extremely fun. I think Jim Lucio is a super nice guy and Baltimore is lucky to have him working in the office of Arts and Promotion.

On the way there, we ran into an old friend, which has finally come home with me:

The zine tent was packed with inspiration. They weren’t for sale – it was just an exhibit space.

There were a couple of tables set up to make your own.

and a copy machine on hand to do a small run of your newest creation:

Here’s a popular paper folding technique – a single 8 and 1/2 by 11″ piece of paper folded in half and then 4ths to create 8 panels per side (a lot like mini-comics). An incision is made up the center fold in-between the outer to panels.  This makes for an interesting layout.

Finished items:

The originals, starting with Leezle’s front and back and then mine, font and back. Click for larger:

Words cannot express the awesome. Hopefully the pictures can.


As part of the Doran’s  “Screens and Zines” autumn kickoff weekend, Cocoa and I hit a screen printing workshop in Towson. We learned about screen filler and photo emulsion methods.

Our initial prints didn’t turn out so well, but we learned a lot. More on the way.


Diana Artemis faces General Terrible and his Horrible Host.

For this week’s Illustration Friday, Immovable, I decided to put together a scene from my sketchbook on the Goddess of the Hunt facing some unsavory types. Yep, an unstoppable force meeting an immovable opponent. Or, vice versa.

Here’s the set up:

And then more refined:

Diana’s upper body is actually a cymbal stand. Don’t tell her, though – I don’t want her to feel bad that I haven’t finished drawing her.

Here’s how it started:

I didn’t sweat General Terrible or the bad guys too much, because I wanted them to be out of focus.

General Terrible

Diana is reflected in the Shield

And here are some outtakes with different lighting

Diana wins, of course. They don’t really stand a chance – she has the moon on her side.


More fun with paper cut-outs, following up on Star Gazing.

The suit is in the foreground, and the skeleton is on a separate sheet of paper, visible through the helmet.

This was tricky to photograph.  I took about 100 photos before settling on the one above. I like the skeleton blurry, rather than the suit. Here’s the inverse, where the suit is blurry: