May Sketch 2

Fruit of the Loom Hat
More train sketches are on flickr for May’s challenge.

Remember those old fruit of the loom commercials with the guys in the fruit suits on the labels? To bad they didn’t make hats!


I haven’t figured a good way to fill a space with black ink in a Moleskine. If I use a sharpie, it bleeds through the page to the other side. This looks pretty acceptable in real life, but the scan shows otherwise.

Fun on Monday Morning

I had an eye check-up this morning, after which I took the metro to work as usual. It’s always fun having your pupils dilated – you get to spend a couple of hours looking like a vampire AND everything else looks fuzzy!

Today, though, I rode the crazy train to work.

There was another gentleman slumped in the far corner when I took my seat. He had his parka pulled snuggly around his head, so nothing was visible. As we got underway, I noticed mumbling which got louder and louder until it was shouting.

What follows is an actual transcription of the dialog coming from inside the parka (drawn quickly on the train):
Parka Man Yelling

I like to think he was yelling at his six foot invisible rabbit companion (and he probably was), because he had dropped the hood when he was shouting about killing someone. And maybe he just thought I was a vampire.

Anyway, this is what he looks like:
Mr. Insane

Keep your eyes peeled!

My eyes are great, by the way. Clean bill of health.


This fellow wants to save you this illustration Friday. SAVE THE DATE!

Mr. Snippington wants to SAVE you
pen/ink/water color on illustration board [click for larger]

Mr. Snippington wants to save you a trip to your doctor for whatever ails you. You could save yourself the trouble of not going to your doctor by avoiding him. And you could save the money in your pocket by running the other way. He’ll probably catch you anyway. If you are this close to him, there’s no saving you.

Sorry dear reader. Happy Illustration Friday.


It’s Spring in Baltimore, and our citizens’ thoughts turn to baseball, fire hydrant restrictions and, of course, the great harbor sea battle between Batholomew Neckbeard and Fort McHenry. For this week’s Illustration Friday I thought I’d pay homage to Neckbeard, with this new linoleum cut.


Neckbeard terrorized what’s now known as the inner harbor and most of the Chesapeake for an entire summer, before heading out to sea again.

As a side note: my kids and I have been watching Pirates of the Caribbean…over and over. One striking feature of those films is that they contain some of my all-time favorite words:

Toot Sweet

Funny old world, innit?

Here’s the sketch I did on the train for Neckbeard:

Neckbeard Sketch

Happy Illustration Friday.