This fellow wants to save you this illustration Friday. SAVE THE DATE!

Mr. Snippington wants to SAVE you
pen/ink/water color on illustration board [click for larger]

Mr. Snippington wants to save you a trip to your doctor for whatever ails you. You could save yourself the trouble of not going to your doctor by avoiding him. And you could save the money in your pocket by running the other way. He’ll probably catch you anyway. If you are this close to him, there’s no saving you.

Sorry dear reader. Happy Illustration Friday.


It’s Spring in Baltimore, and our citizens’ thoughts turn to baseball, fire hydrant restrictions and, of course, the great harbor sea battle between Batholomew Neckbeard and Fort McHenry. For this week’s Illustration Friday I thought I’d pay homage to Neckbeard, with this new linoleum cut.


Neckbeard terrorized what’s now known as the inner harbor and most of the Chesapeake for an entire summer, before heading out to sea again.

As a side note: my kids and I have been watching Pirates of the Caribbean…over and over. One striking feature of those films is that they contain some of my all-time favorite words:

Toot Sweet

Funny old world, innit?

Here’s the sketch I did on the train for Neckbeard:

Neckbeard Sketch

Happy Illustration Friday.

Pet Peeves

Illustration Friday: Pet Peeves.

Litter Bug Creep

This is a tough one because, aside from cutting on the RIAA, I try to stay positive here. So, I put on the first CD I could reach (Parliament’s Greatest Hits) and quickly drew this. I see this all the time in the city – people drop their trash on the ground when there is a trash receptacle within close range.

Another one is “Studios.” Vince Illustrator Studios. Is there more than one? I hope so! Otherwise…that’s another peeve.

Speaking of studio (here’s where this gets positive again), I am moving into mine. There is a longer post coming, with pictures of the whole two plus year process. Here are a couple of quick photos taken with my dinky web cam.

Downstairs: Music and brightly lit work room.

Studio 1

Barn, 2

Upstairs: Drawing tables, chair, futon and closet.


I am very excited.

The other pet peeve idea I had was name dropping – you know, famous people met and or known. But I think chewing with one’s mouth open is far more egregious.


Happy Illustration Friday.

Leap (gear)

Clockwork Oranges

Having an extra day each fourth leap year would indicate that there are 6 extra hours in each year. I took my pocket watch apart, and as I suspected, it has leap gears to store the extra time.

Happy Illustration Friday.

gears sketch