The Meek Inherit the Earth

Here’s another grouping of dioramas in tin boxes, showing the potential outcome of a nuclear holocaust, potentially caused by misguided tweets, potentially giving rise to new dominant species on our planet. There’s a bright side to everything! Life will go on.
The Meek Inherit the Earth

The Meek Inherit the Earth

Meekness in the Darkness

covfefe idiots

Ant and Cockroach

E. coli & Amoeba

Artificial Intelligence

And, as a bonus:

Coffee talk with Ant and Cockroach

E. Coli blinking

ArtScape 2010

More than 350,000 people were expected to attend this year’s ArtScape, now in its 29th year and the biggest yet. ArtScape is America’s largest free Art festival and generates more than $25 million in revenue. Every year, the citizens of the east coast unite to collectively bake our brains under an atomically hot sun.  Here are some pics from this year.

My kids and I made circus peanut shirts using left over paint from the giant peanut.

There is something really cool about watching people hug art. I watch a guy actually LICK the circus peanut, but couldn’t get my camera out in time. There are no teeth marks. Yet.

I received some much needed Art Therapy on the Charles Street bridge from Cocoa, while Leezle manned the phone.

The girls and I visited our comics at the Comic Strip exhibit at Penn station (previously discussed).

Here’s the Midway banner on the Charles Street bridge.

The girls illustrated messenger bags at the Target tent.

The art cars were amazing, as was the air guitar exhibition.

I tried to glue circus peanuts to the Throne of Glory, but it was in constant use.

Me and my baked brains.

Here are a few of my favorite Sondheim finalists in the Fox building gallery.

Here, There, Anywhere.

I’m sad it’s over, and relieved everything went well. Now it’s back to the drawing board.

Fun on Monday Morning

I had an eye check-up this morning, after which I took the metro to work as usual. It’s always fun having your pupils dilated – you get to spend a couple of hours looking like a vampire AND everything else looks fuzzy!

Today, though, I rode the crazy train to work.

There was another gentleman slumped in the far corner when I took my seat. He had his parka pulled snuggly around his head, so nothing was visible. As we got underway, I noticed mumbling which got louder and louder until it was shouting.

What follows is an actual transcription of the dialog coming from inside the parka (drawn quickly on the train):
Parka Man Yelling

I like to think he was yelling at his six foot invisible rabbit companion (and he probably was), because he had dropped the hood when he was shouting about killing someone. And maybe he just thought I was a vampire.

Anyway, this is what he looks like:
Mr. Insane

Keep your eyes peeled!

My eyes are great, by the way. Clean bill of health.

The Waiting Room

The second comic from my little press involves snippets of a conversation overheard in a hospital waiting room. Everything in the following book was indeed said. More or less.

Comic Cover: the Waiting Room

FOOTNOTE: A few years ago, I published an anonymous newsletter entitled “The Egregious Linoleum Jerk.” I did small, targeted mailings and I left them around Baltimore. I produced issues when I could cobble together enough prose, ideas and photos to fill 8-10 legal sized pages. It was really fun. So, there’s my confession – if you received one, and you didn’t know who sent it – it was me.

Drain Cleaner Magic

I am beside myself with excitement! I’ve completed two 16 page mini-comics, and created a new area on my site to continue this activity. Here’s the deal:

I’m posting my completed issues as PDFs for you to print and put together. If you prefer a handmade, special version of your very own, please visit my Etsy space.

Issue one involves a precocious grackle and the sinister Mr. Vicars, who has appeared in several of my drawings elsewhere on this site. This was my very first attempt at this format. Very fun.

Drain Cleaner Magic

I hope you like it!