Lost at Sea


I made this piece to auction at the Chesapeake Roller Derby fundraiser (tomorrow night as of this writing, if you are interested). I had a lot of fun making the fluid waves and the smallest Jolly Roger ever and the first mermaid to show up. The diorama is in a Cento anchovies tin. It’s kind of the opposite of an Altoids tin.


Up next, working on several pieces for an April group show in DC.

A Persistence of Memory

So. There’s a really big art show at work later today and I submitted this piece – a triptych called A Persistence of Memory. The three dioramas are connected, and there’s more detail about each one in previous posts: Suspense, The Clock and A Good Death. Note: I added a couple of images to The Clock post showing the finished base.

I  earned an honorable mention AND I’ve found a very effective way display dioramas in a public space.


The Clock

Here’s part of a piece I’m putting in a show next month. It’s a triptych – this is the middle section. It’s not finished yet, but it’s fun to share WIPs.

This is the second grandfather clock I’ve made for this piece (the first was a prototype). Well, it’s really the fifth, if I count the sketchbook. I discovered last summer that if I work on the layers in my sketchbook before working in the diorama, I end up with a record of the piece, which will stay around after the diorama goes to live somewhere else.

Here’s the first rough sketch I did:

I’m interested in the idea of theater, the physical space and and what happens there.


I’ve finished this piece and am adding a few more pics below.

There – that’s better.


Vanity, a precursor to one of the seven deadly sins (Pride), is represented here in this fancy tin (thanks to my buddy Jenn Schiffer). The phrase Omnia Vanitas (“All is Vanity”) reminds us of  the “ultimate fruitlessness of humankind’s efforts in this world,” or perhaps more generously, the impermanence of our physical existence. Perhaps even more fruitless is the efforts put into digital existence.  This diorama sums up quite a few ideas in a simple way; several types of vanities, a vanitas, and the symbolism of vanity itself. It starts the anthropomorphizing the seven deadly sins.  Also, I had to remove 3/4 of the bristles in a brush to paint the devils eyes.