The Assistant of Dr. F

All the best magicians have the best assistants, and Dr. F was no exception. And while his whole story is lost in the ether, Kitty Wampus didn’t share his fate. She worked with Dr. F during his years working as an illusionist. It’s assumed she stopped working with him when he turned his attention to conjuring and more traditional forms of Magic. It’s also unclear just how close they were.

This piece is pretty much imposible to photograph well. The container is a plastic specimen jar a friend gave me.


The early works of Dr. F have faded into history, are obscured by obtuse writings and generally are ignored by the initiates of magical study. His name has been hidden and he is only referred to as Dr. F or just “F.”

In his day, F had dealings with surgeons (and the medical establishment of the time) and various other ghouls. He was an amateur taxidermist, medical transcriptionist and parlor magician – it’s unclear  how successful he was in his various pursuits. We can infer that one of F’s experiments went terribly wrong, as he kept detailed notes of his works up to a specific date – December 14th, 190?.  He started a journal entry on the following day (12/15/190?)  that contains two lines and then abruptly and mysteriously ended (more on that in a future post). NOTE: I’m placing the year somewhere in 190X – his journals do not specify a year but other clues make one think it was sometime around then.

The scene above took place in December a few years earlier – his great ambition was to become a conjurer and nearly all of F’s experiments, including the scene above with the giant tick, focused on that skill.