Drink like a Fish!

Here is another piece that is part of the ArtScape exhibition Ebb & Flow.

Artscape runs from July 17-19. Please go to the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Fox Building; 1301 Mt. Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD  21217.

My original sketches have a lot of sea detritus to accompany this fishwife. I opted to go with “less is more” and left it out of the final version (although I did enjoy cutting out several fish skeletons).

This is the first diorama I’ve completed in one of several copper and aluminum fish molds that I recently acquired.

drinker-set-em-updrink-like-a-fish drinker-WIPdrinker-scales

Her scales alone took me (almost) 3 days to complete. I made each row separately and attached with shims underneath to raise them ever so slightly.

featured-drinkerdrinker-finished-white-background Drinker-full-red

I also have spoons in this show, all of which are for sale. I hope to see you at Artscape!

The Fishwife

Cento makes small, single serving size tuna cans, which happen to work well for dioramas. One of the things I like about this piece was cutting out all the scales on the fish.






RIP Trident

This is Trident, a Betta. He made many bubbles during our brief time together, and was inquisitive.

In other news, I think I’ve found the perfect item for the company holiday gift exchange.


Here he is, before the resin is added:


And he here is a few days after the resin has set:


Rest well, Trident.

Like a Fish needs a Bicycle

I’m super excited about this, which is the first of three in a the longer series of recycling objects into dioramas. I think I could perform eye surgery after making this. Heck, I probably need eye surgery.  Here’s some WIPS from this one:


There’s always a bigger fish in the food chain.