Scene 441

For my 15 seconds of  Star Wars Uncut goodness, I was assigned scene 441, which takes place in the Death Star trench. Awesome.

As a kid, I saw Star Wars some 27 times in the theater. Yes, that’s right – 27 times. After the initial release, it came back to the theaters, and I went every chance I could.  It totally blew me away. It was an obsession, and I spent a great deal of time reliving it in my head. Especially in school. I couldn’t write anything without wanting to turn X’s into X-wings, and H’s into tie fighters. It wasn’t a stretch to turn a crossword puzzle into the surface of the Death Star.

To do this scene like I really wanted to, I would have used AutoCAD to create a 3D wire frame of the Death Star – I could have kept the trench walls in proportion. But, I don’t have access to AutoCAD at the moment. Scratch that.

Next idea – school kid approach. Crossword Puzzle for the walls – forget the perspective and curving of the upper trench rim – I’d never get this done.  I took a lot of liberties with my scene. I cut out some back and forth shots between the X-wing pilots, and I used text from memory – he doesn’t actually say “I’m going in” at the end…he says “I’m in range.” This was a mistake George Lucas made…he really wanted the guy to say “I’m going in.” I figure if he can go back and screw with his original movies, then anything goes. Right?

Woo Hoo!

In an effort to clean up my Web site somewhat, I’ve been moving some things around and  I found this animation. It was originally posted in December of 2005 on a pre-blog version of this site.  The old sweeties courtesy of  Peg.  Song except by The’s.

I apologize for the lack of volume control on the movie – it wasn’t really a requirement when I made this, and since I’m posting here for posterity, I decided to not edit the original.

The Dead Sea

Ô Mort, vieux capitaine, il est temps! levons l’ancre!
Ce pays nous ennuie, ô Mort! Appareillons!

Oh Death, old Captain, time to make our trip!
This country bores us, Death! Let’s get away!

~Voyaging, Charles Baudelaire

The Land of the Dead is completely surrounded by the Dead Sea. There is no escape that way. Once past the choppy waters of the dead fishermen, there is nothing but miles and miles of doldrums in every direction.  And, even if were possible to get past that infinite length to the far distant shores, one would only find the Land of the Dead.  Because, the  Dead Sea only reaches the shores of the  Land of the Dead.  The two call upon themselves,  recursively, like two mirrors facing each other. The mirrors  extend into infinity, but only take the viewer to one place.  In this case, it’s a dead place.

And yet, every so often, someone still tries to escape. There are other things in the dead sea besides doldrums and lost treasure, as this fellow is about to find out. Watch my movie above to see…


I left Boston feeling very worn (and what do you know? It’s Illustration Friday!).  Scroll down for the full view of things.

(NOTE: I did this in a hurry –  I see the mistakes but firmly believe, sometimes, one has to just have to fly one’s  Jolly Roger).

I traveled very light this time – I only had my backpack, which contained a toothbrush, camera, laptop, iPod, cables, notebook and pens, fiber, soap, coffee, socks, a plastic mermaid and a few other necessities. It worked out!


I didn’t get to see much of Boston, besides the inside of the Copley Mall Compound.  I did bump into this gal on my way out. I’m not sure if this was a gallery or library, but I was taken with this statue. So, I took her. Picture. I thought it might come in handy. She reminded me of another swell Boston painter gal.


Happy Illustration Friday. Here’s to getting un-worn. New. Whatever.


For Illustration Friday – catch my drift? Drawn quickly with a sharpie and animated on my pooter. I had several good ideas for this one – I hope to post more this weekend.

I could never live in a house in a bottle on the water – I get sea sick. Although if it keeps raining in Baltimore, may have to do this before we all wash away.