Ashes to Ashes









This piece is made in a late grandfather’s violin (thank you Jeanne and luthier Susan Hopkins for helping me get it/open). This is in the current show at the Smith Healing Gallery in DC – details here. Without saying too much, I love string instruments that have f-holes. This particular violin echoes a coffin, and the figure of Pierrot is trying to make his way to the Land of the Dead. He is constrained by gold thread, held by clergy-like figures. He is also being pulled onward by silver thread, and is trapped between two worlds. I wonder about famous souls who were idolized during their lives (David Bowie, for example), and how the mass grief of a society might effect a transition to, say, the Land of the Dead.

Camera Test

layersFurther exploring stop motion, I made the following test, which is a reprise of an older Flash animation experiment.  This time, I moved all the layers by hand. The whole thing took a long Sunday afternoon, which entailed making the scene, boat and actor, exploring lighting and camera settings and then putting this together. Again, it’s just a test but shows great potential.

I am going to tell you the full story next.

The Graveyard Bowl

So…after many years since experimenting with clay (which, I was truly experimenting with, not having any training), I was lucky enough to have brief access to a kiln. This was my first attempt at making bowls in, again, mucho years.

Bones-1 Bones-3 Bones-RIP bones-devil Bones-4



Sixteen Skeletons

It’s a big day in the Land of the Dead. There’s a record release party at a favorite coffee shop, and it’s also Friday the 13th. It’s also my favorite 16 year old’s birthday. So, there are 16 skeletons.





(the skeletons outside)


Happy Sixteenth Birthday, my dear Chloe. I am so proud of you – I love you so very much.