A Chorus of Grackles

While rushing around last weekend, I came across a neighborhood yard sale. I found three eggs cravistans (including this one).  This is the second diorama in this series, and the first theater of several that I’m working on.  This theater hosts The Society of Exclusive Grackles and fits inside the egg. The Grackles shown have assembled to get information and to make a plan.

The audience is listening.


A quick WIP, which is a study for something else.

As a kid, I never understood the purpose of these contraptions (that is to say, these cravistans). This fellow [the egg man] is also from my childhood and is trying to explain it.

He, and his egg shapes, recur.


The Ghoul and the Grackles


I found this tin at Goodwill this weekend. This is a story that’s been in my sketchbook for over a year. I’m having trouble capturing the diorama with my camera tonight, but I think this is good enough. Aside from the poor-ish photos, I’m happy with this one. I like the feeling that there’s on outside contained within the inside of the box. More soon.