Birthday for a Friend

A trip.

A dear friend just had a birthday. This image seems to hold a lot of meaning for all of us this year, so I decided to make use it in a found pocket watch. The watch already was monogramed with 2 of the 3 correct initials.

A Trip to the Moon in a pocket watch

Jeanne did her flower magic, and we added some skeleton hand salad tongs, because they are just cool, as well as useful, if you happen to have some salad.

Flowers with skull hand tongs

Camera Test

layersFurther exploring stop motion, I made the following test, which is a reprise of an older Flash animation experiment.  This time, I moved all the layers by hand. The whole thing took a long Sunday afternoon, which entailed making the scene, boat and actor, exploring lighting and camera settings and then putting this together. Again, it’s just a test but shows great potential.

I am going to tell you the full story next.

The Graveyard Bowl

So…after many years since experimenting with clay (which, I was truly experimenting with, not having any training), I was lucky enough to have brief access to a kiln. This was my first attempt at making bowls in, again, mucho years.

Bones-1 Bones-3 Bones-RIP bones-devil Bones-4




A return from the Land of the Dead. This one is almost impossible to photograph well, but looks quite nice in real life. This fellow is stepping between worlds, and in reality, is actually stepping out of a painting.