In the Eye of the Beholder

In 1785, Prince George of Wales fell in love with Maria Fitzherbert, a commoner. Because their love was forbidden, they had miniatures of their eyes painted for one another. They would carry these everywhere so that they could always gaze deeply into them without fear of being caught by the royal family. Even though Prince George was married to someone else, he was buried wearing Maria’s eye painting around his neck. Eye miniatures, or Lover’s Eyes, remained popular through Victorian times. They eventually took on a morbid quality and were worn as mourning jewelry (more on that here).

There’s something very appealing about carrying a part of your Love with you everywhere you go.

I’m participating in a show of  eye miniatures in Germany. This diorama is in a vintage eye rinse cup; a beautiful woman as seen in her lover’s eye. The iris is translucent.

Midsummer Night

I’ve carried this tin in my bag for many years. I kept my chapstick, nail clippers and band-aids in it. I think I was working for the muggles when I got it. Or, maybe even Voldemort. I’ve had it for many years, anyway.

I’m trying to not repeat using the same container. For example, I won’t use a Creme de Menthe again. For now, anyway. This week’s Illustration Friday prompt is “Midsummer Night” and that made me think about Venus bathing, only to find her clothes missing. Which made me think about this curiously hawt tin.

I’ve been wanting to use color and please notice that Venus is all one cut-out – her left foot in actually under the water.

Here’s a WIP shot, to show the wonderfully well-worn inside of the tin.

Happy Midsummer Night! Don’t let rascally raccoons steal your clothes.