The Dead Sea

Ô Mort, vieux capitaine, il est temps! levons l’ancre!
Ce pays nous ennuie, ô Mort! Appareillons!

Oh Death, old Captain, time to make our trip!
This country bores us, Death! Let’s get away!

~Voyaging, Charles Baudelaire

The Land of the Dead is completely surrounded by the Dead Sea. There is no escape that way. Once past the choppy waters of the dead fishermen, there is nothing but miles and miles of doldrums in every direction.  And, even if were possible to get past that infinite length to the far distant shores, one would only find the Land of the Dead.  Because, the  Dead Sea only reaches the shores of the  Land of the Dead.  The two call upon themselves,  recursively, like two mirrors facing each other. The mirrors  extend into infinity, but only take the viewer to one place.  In this case, it’s a dead place.

And yet, every so often, someone still tries to escape. There are other things in the dead sea besides doldrums and lost treasure, as this fellow is about to find out. Watch my movie above to see…


I left Boston feeling very worn (and what do you know? It’s Illustration Friday!).  Scroll down for the full view of things.

(NOTE: I did this in a hurry –  I see the mistakes but firmly believe, sometimes, one has to just have to fly one’s  Jolly Roger).

I traveled very light this time – I only had my backpack, which contained a toothbrush, camera, laptop, iPod, cables, notebook and pens, fiber, soap, coffee, socks, a plastic mermaid and a few other necessities. It worked out!


I didn’t get to see much of Boston, besides the inside of the Copley Mall Compound.  I did bump into this gal on my way out. I’m not sure if this was a gallery or library, but I was taken with this statue. So, I took her. Picture. I thought it might come in handy. She reminded me of another swell Boston painter gal.


Happy Illustration Friday. Here’s to getting un-worn. New. Whatever.

Triptych, Craving

I just finished my piece for Amy’s “Art from Writing, Writing from Art” swap (I had been craving a chance to make a triptych). My prompt was a very nice children’s story featuring a messy boy, and a tidy one. It’s a bit of a life lesson, really – you know how it ends.

Like this:


Second Panel

Panel Three

This features acrylic paint, water color, india ink and paper cutouts.

The Secret Guild of Water Tower Engineers

To celebrate the relaunch of this web site (and my new layout), I’m posting pages from a comic I’m working on. I’m drawing it on pages from a water treatment handbook – which I think is very appropriate. As is the water color.

Job Interview Day

Closed Factory


All thumbs



The Baltimore unemployment office

The address for my appointment

Big Blue

Also – I’m submitting these pages for this week’s Illustration Friday prompt, “adapt.” Our man in the story is doing just that, as a lot of people are during this great recession we are having.