Jim Doran is a Baltimore based artist, diorama maker, animator, and musician. His work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe, and in the American Visionary Art Museum.


I’ve made hundreds of dioramas inside interesting objects: watches, tin boxes, spoons, shoes and discarded packaging. To me, they seems like theatrical stages.

Here are a few favorite dioramas:

A diorama in a pocket watch
A cut-paper graveyard in a metal tea tin
Cut paper skeletons in a science classroom
Cut paper diorama in a herring tin
Cut paper medical diagram of a human tongue
Cut paper diorama in a vintage soap tin
cut paper diorama in an iPod shuffle box


I love making things move. There is a sense of magic and wonder that goes with animation – it is an illusion of life. All my artistic pursuits converge in animation: writing, drawing, and music/audio production.

Here are links to some of my video:

A bug man making spaghetti (screen capture from animation)
Screen shot of dragonframe animation still.
Scientifically sound questions scroll.