Frida Rode her Mantis Sidesaddle

And, really, who doesn’t? For sale in the shop!

Earwigs Also Enjoy Noses

It’s a known, scientific fact that earwigs also enjoy noses. This is for sale in my shop!


This art is for sale! Learn more about The Advent of the Unlikelys. $450 includes shipping to North America (others, please contact me before buying). Thank you!

The Colonial Queen

I found this treasure at a yard sale. It needed a little freshening up because it didn’t seem finished. Here is the original (minus the frame): And here’s the completed version. P.S. I’ve done a similar piece, which is on view elsewhere.

Raccoon Skeletons

For years, I’ve been bringing dead raccoons home to bury them in a makeshift pet cemetery. It is a nice thing to do for them, and it provides a safe way for me to interact with them. I recently started a new taxidermy experiment. I’m not so interested in stuffing them at this point (although I would […]