I’m a multidisciplinary artist from Baltimore, Maryland. I make tiny dioramas with paper, wood and ink drawings. I love to compose and record music. I’m a stop-motion animator.

I earned my B.A. in music composition from Washington College, a certificate in computer programming from the Community College of Baltimore County, a graduate certificate in information technology from Johns Hopkins University, and an M.F.A. from Towson University. I began teaching Web design and WordPress at the Community College of Baltimore County and MICA in 2006. I make my living as a Web developer/designer.

My work has been exhibited across the USA, in Europe and in the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. I am fortunate to have been featured on many websites, including This is Colossal, Beautiful Decay, The Order of the Good Death and even CSS-Tricks.

Artist Statement(s)

Each show in which I participate has its own theme, and they all vary in approach. Yet, there are generalities which can be applied to all of them.

My intention is to lead a creative life, every single day. Making Art is my Joie de Vivre. I find peace and purpose here, as well as discovery. I explore and combine these themes throughout all my work:

  • What happens after Death
  • Metaphysics
  • Identity
  • Humor
  • Scale, Material, Time
  • The Oceans
  • Linear Narrative
  • Sobriety

In my music, I examine:

  • Rhythm, texture, microtonality
  • Approaches in serial composition
  • Musique concrète (loops, DIY audio, Lo-fi production)
  • Non-diegetic sound, found audio
  • Rethinking tonality and musical purpose

In my animation, I combine all of the above.

I identify as a surrealist, a metaphysicist, and a pescatarian.

I started this website (at that time it was in 2001. Over the years, it’s evolved, expanded and contracted as a long experiment in Web publishing.

I began using WordPress as a content management system in 2007. I immediately fell in love with the software and the community that supports it. It freed me up to make and share my work without having to hand-code web pages and it became part of my professional life. Most important of all, it gave me a platform with which to document, share and grow my work.

This website is, then, is a key part of my artistic process. Many pieces don’t seem finished until I post them here.

Selected Exhibits & Such


  • Hamilton Gallery Winter show, Baltimore, MD
  • Bearing Witness, (online) Hamilton Gallery, Baltimore, MD
  • BO/DY, Nefarious Contemporary, Baltimore, MD
  • Indigo animation
    • Official selection Standalone Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
    • Semi-finalist Sweden Film Festival
  •  SPARK IV: A New World? Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD
  • Hamilton Gallery Spring show, Baltimore, MD
  • 7× Exquisite Corpse
  • In Plain Sight(site), Le Mondo, Baltimore, MD
  • Two Feet & More, Towson Art Collective, Towson, MD
  • Bearing Witness, (in person) Hamilton Gallery, Baltimore, MD
  • Born in Baltimore Film and Photography Festival at Johns Hopkins University + MICA. The Benefits of Radiation winner: Audience Favorite & Judges’ Award. Baltimore, MD
  • Young Blood, Maryland Art Place. Baltimore, MD
  • Overlea Arts Festival, Film Festival, Baltimore, MD
  • Supernova Silent Screen Denver Digerati digital film festival, Denver, CO
  • Window of Opportunity, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD
  • Hamilton Gallery Fall Show, Baltimore, MD
  • Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival, Baltimore, MD
  • Music to Hear Blindfolded, Vol. 1, cassette release, Scientifically Sound Records.



  • Under 500, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD
  • …and Your Bird Can Sing, Fleckenstein Gallery, Baltimore, MD
  • Small Stories and Other Stories [solo show], Hamilton Gallery, Baltimore, MD
  • ZIP: 21214, ArtScape Gallery Network, Baltimore, MD
  • Repurposed on Purpose (2), Fleckenstein Gallery, Baltimore, MD (continued)
  • Digital album release: The Septic Bank, Scientifically Sound Records.


  • The Great Mystery Show, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD (continued)
  • Maryland Psychic Fair, Bowie, MD
  • A Gorey Night: Artist Talk and Crosshatching Lessons, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD
  • Two Worlds Touch, Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt, MD
  • Repurposed on Purpose (2), Fleckenstein Gallery, Baltimore, MD








  • Lotta Art Exhibition, School33 Baltimore, MD


  • ArtScape Here, There, Anywhere Baltimore, MD
  • ArtScape Comic Wall, Baltimore, MD
  • ArtScape Banner Exhibition, Baltimore, MD
  • Baltimore Book Festival, Baltimore, MD
  • Illustration Friday Pick of the Week (Layer)
  • Videopolis, Maryland Film Festival Metro Gallery Baltimore, MD


  • PENNED Ellipse Arts Center, Arlington, VA
  • Illustration Friday “Pick of the Week” Shaky
  • Johns Hopkins National Arts Program Baltimore, MD (first place)


  • ArtScape Penned Exhibition Baltimore, MD
  • PENNED Lump Gallery/Projects, Raleigh, NC
  • Artful Blogging Magazine
  • Johns Hopkins National Arts Program Baltimore, MD

Grants and Selected Commissions

  • Wrigley/Altoids Corporation – “Curiously Strong” Hall of Curiosity commission for charity auction, 2011
  • Maryland State Arts Council Artist Grant, Works on Paper, 2013