Artemis and the White Bear

The full title is Artemis and the White Bear at ‘S-Hertogenbosch.

This is for School 33’s Lotta Art fundraiser and exhibition, for Illustration Friday’s “cultivate” prompt and, really,  for  fun.


This week’s topic for Illustration Friday is “cultivate,” which makes me think of mold. Coincidentally, I had a great idea yesterday for some Art involving mold, but I don’t have time to make it work for this week’s prompt (I’m going to be a mold artist).  Thus, Artemis and the White Bear are cultivating a relationship with their surroundings.That might seem a little thin because, well, it is. I want to post this to IF and needed to work the prompt in.

So, yes, another Altoids tin. I have about a million of them, but I also have many other containers which I’m excited to work on. This scene needed a taller container, for the trees, the windmill and the scale between Artemis and the “bear.” Also, I’m revisiting a character from this post, so it seemed appropriate to revisit the curiously strong container, too.

This was an amazing week -my daughter seems to be feeling a tiny,marginally bit better, fingers crossed. Each little scootch of progress is a step forward. Also,  I finished teaching my Web standards course, this time in 7 weeks. It felt like a tornado. I also learned a great deal about iPhone/iPad programming and started a small app for fun. I finished reading “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” I finished a bunch of stuff at work. I can sleep in tomorrow.

It’s pleasant out. I’m sitting in the barn and smelling the night air. I think we made it though winter. Optimism abounds.

And it’s the weekend.