Circus Fantastique Draft

This is a draft for one of my ArtScape submissions – the Midway banner exhibition.  I talked with them two days ago about another proposal and it’s looking good so far. Finger’s crossed. I’m so excited (but don’t want to jinx it).

This is a circus I’d totally like to attend. To meet Frida and Groucho and Ben…not to mention everyone else in the ether.

Click for bigger

And…what would you ask a famous person from the other side?




3 responses to “Circus Fantastique Draft”

  1. neil Avatar

    Oh man, I want to go too!

    Undead Monkeys!!!

  2. peg Avatar

    The Greatest Show Un-Earthed!! Very nice! I wonder what it would be like to share a sugar skull with Proust…. tempting, but I would prefer a round trip ticket.

  3. Helen Whittaker Avatar

    This is wonderful. :-) The Frida and Groucho skulls cracked me up! Good luck, Jim – I hope it gets accepted.

    I’ve been trying to think which famous dead person I’d like to talk to and what question I’d like to ask them, but if if I could talk to anyone on the ‘other side’ I’d want to speak to my Dad, my Granddad and my other dead relatives first, and I’d probably never get round to chatting to anyone famous.

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