Curiously Strong

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a representative of Altoids. They commissioned a piece from me for an auction to raise money for Americans for the Arts.

It’s currently available on e-bay, starting at a very low bid. Please check it out!

Here’s what I made:

The ticket seller is five layers deep and he’s INSIDE the booth.




4 responses to “Curiously Strong”

  1. Steve Schneider Avatar
    Steve Schneider

    Another impressive miniature. Good Luck with the sale.

    1. Jim Doran Avatar

      Thanks! There’s still time for you to WIN.

  2. Chas. Avatar

    What?! That’s great! They better give you a truckload of tiny mints.
    Hold me closer, tiny dancer.

  3. becky farley Avatar

    It’s perfect! Did you know I want a pop-up wedding invite lol and it’s circus themed lol this is so awesome!!

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