Death Cat on Pine Island

death cat on pine island




6 responses to “Death Cat on Pine Island”

  1. peggy Avatar

    Wow…meow…this is so great.

  2. Jim Doran Avatar
    Jim Doran

    Thanks Peg!

  3. Chas. Avatar

    This is COOL. It could be the cover for a very twisted Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew mystery.

  4. mary taitt Avatar

    Interesting. I saw some other ones at some other site of your–“art?” that I really liked a lot but saw no way to leave comments?

  5. mary taitt Avatar

    This looks like the guy in my peripheral vision.

  6. […] shadow box diorama is based on the drawing “Death Cat on Pine Island” which I did a few years ago as part of my sketch blog. This story takes place in a can of […]

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