The Missing Fruitcake

Crime Scene no. 16 seems to have more to do with a robbery than foul play. In this scene, the protagonist is still alive. It seems he traveled many, many miles for a fruitcake. When he arrived home, his suitcase was empty, and where the fruitcake had once resided, now there was a note. It reads as follows:

In a parlor, dimly aglow,
A flicker eerie, a figure in woe.

Miles traversed for this delight,
Now home alone on this stormy night.

Valise in hand, hinges creak and rasp,
Was followed sharply by a gasp.

Pondering, weary, a shocking scare,
His treasure missing, a fruited affair.

Empty now the once-full case,
Just a few crumbs remain in place.

No molasses, eggs, or savory spices,
The fruitcake vanished, all stolen slices.

When did this caper transpire?
Listening intently, his heart on fire.

No butter, dried fruit, or nuts are near,
But how did the fruitcake disappear? 

A note among the scattered crumbs,
Ransom? Jest? But no meaning comes.

No reason given, no visible motive,
To stir this unrest and feelings corrosive. 

Bewildered, wretched, saddened,  sore,
A poem was left, and nothing more.

One of my great regrets in life was not sampling a fruitcake that I found in Porto, Portugal. It was a real crime to let that one get away.