Death of Poseidon

I whipped this up for School33’s Lotta Art fundraiser on April 21, 2012. It’s another pen and ink drawing on canvas and hangs inside a box. I’ve been hankering to work on canvas lately and this is a warm up for a bigger piece. It’s 2.5′ x 1′.




5 responses to “Death of Poseidon”

  1. Frederik Sisa Avatar

    I hope Poseidon didn’t die of drowning. How humiliating would that be for a sea god?

    In any case, I love your intricate line work. The presentation is very spiffy too. It draws attention to the drawing without overwhelming it. Well done again, good sir.

    1. Jim Doran Avatar

      Thank you my friend. It’s more likely he died because people didn’t need him anymore…

  2. mary stebbins taitt Avatar
    mary stebbins taitt

    LOL What a riot! You’re such a card, Jim. Hey, We’re going to be doing another round of Andrea’s Moleskine exchange if yr interested.

    1. Jim Doran Avatar

      Thanks Mary (I think…why is this funny?).

      I still don’t like Molekines, but thanks for thinking of me! Have fun!

  3. mary stebbins taitt Avatar
    mary stebbins taitt

    I suppose it isn’t actually FUNNY! It’s sort of sad. But my first impulse was to laugh!