I’ve been thinking about doing something in a plastic Norelco tape case for a while. My late friend Tim made me a mixed tape when we were in High School – it’s music we listened to while painting my Mom’s kitchen an absurd shade of yellow. We discovered punk together, mostly thanks to Tim’s older brother J, and the DIY-ness made a lasting impression on both of us.

This tape is one of the few physical objects I still have from Tim, and a reminder of how empowering that summer was. I lost all of Tim’s letters during a move years ago.  I envy my buddy Neil’s ability to organize and archive letters and stuff from the past – I wish I had been more careful when I was younger. So, I used Tim’s tape case for this piece.

This piece (along with a few others) is going to be in an upcoming exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum, along with a page from one of my letters to Tim (courtesy of Tim’s parents).

I still miss Tim. Yet, I am convinced that the people we Love don’t really leave us when they die. This was the a primary theme in my Memento Mori show at School33 – it’s a comforting, hopeful thought, and something I know like I know like I know.

If you sit quietly and dream well, you can visit with your people on the other side in your own yellow kitchen.

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7 responses to “Monofilament”

  1. neil Avatar

    Completely awesome. What a great use for a special relic from the past.

    Long live coffee, cigarettes, and the yellow kitchen.

  2. Dave Bleich Avatar
    Dave Bleich

    This is fantastic Jim. Thank you!

  3. Amber Avatar

    This is awesome. I love the idea and the end result. It is a great tribute to a memorable time with your friend.

  4. JennyO'G Avatar

    I saw this at the AVAM today…loved it! And I love it even more now, reading your blog. Great work. jo’g

    1. Jim Doran Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by Jenny! You made my day.