Tony Soprano is more of a Tenor

A black and white image of Tony Soprano with his arms crossed.

It’s true.

UPDATE: The Last Suppah

On the way home from Billy Martin’s house, we stopped at Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionary in New Jersey. It’s where the final controversial scene of the Soprano’s was filmed.

No spoiler alert needed for this post, but I did ask the clerk as I was paying about the ending, and what really happened. He shared his opinion, which I agreed to take as the final, indisputable fact. He also mentioned that the Soprano’s movie has a scene that was filmed here. They brought a lot of their own stuff, which looks pretty much like the stuff already here.

I’ve been haunted by that episode for months now. We watched the whole series during the pandemic. It was really fun to eat here.

We didn’t get to sit in Tony’s booth, but it’s identifiable by the juke box on the table.

This was a pretty kick ass milkshake. And we had to order onion rings. They were good!

Yeah. I took a photo of the men’s room (it was clean and nice, although it smelled like cigar, oddly). I’m including it because in the last/second to the last scene, the guy who was sitting at the counter seems to come out of this bathroom.

So, it was a nice end to a fun summer day trip. Don’t stop believing.