Family Art Night

In an attempt to balance my kids’ urges to practice corporate accounting, financial law and quantitative decision making for business, we make art together. For the second year in a row, we participated in the National Arts Program Exhibit at Johns Hopkins (December ’09).

Lily made this painting specifically for the event. She started off painting pictures of Coraline and arrived at the Solar System. It has shooting stars.

Cocoa entered her Oscilloscope, which usually hangs in my studio. I LOVE this painting.

My friend and colleague RJ entered a photo, too. It’s the one of himself, taken alone with an old, manual camera. We haven’t worked out how he did it.

To my astonishment, I took home a first place prize. Dr. Ed Miller, CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine and Dean of the School of Medicine handed me an envelope.

Here’s me and the drawer…

Finally, a better photograph of  the Mystery of the Loaves and Fishes, an  impossible-to-photograph-well piece. Click the one below for larger.

Thanks to Fred Dubs for the last three pics here.





11 responses to “Family Art Night”

  1. Jenn Avatar


  2. dawn Avatar

    You are nice, Mi Corazon. This is a really wonderful view of the show and those loaves and fishes. You did a great piece, Thanks for the nice words. I love you.

  3. Mustache Avatar

    Seriously, you Dorans are an inspiration to me. Something about art soothes the soul, especially when it’s made by such talented peeps. Lily’s painting reminds me of “The Little Prince”, it’s great.

  4. Jim Doran Avatar

    Thanks, Stash. You are too kind, sir.

  5. Zac Avatar

    Love the shot of you in front of your work!

  6. Jim Doran Avatar

    @Zac – it’s the tie, I bet. Thanks, bud.

  7. henniemavis Avatar

    Family Art Night is totally awesome. Congratulations to everyone for their exhibition entries, especially you as prize-winning Papa!

    Regarding the tie, I was duped… mistook it for a link (same cyan color) >CLICK< 404 Not Found. You prankster :-)

  8. neil Avatar

    Yay Dorans!!

  9. RJ Avatar

    congrats on winning the first prize!
    thanks for putting my pic up!
    goofy pic with Dr Miller… lol

  10. Chas. Avatar

    I love your family and their art. I think it’s the tree behind you, or maybe Dr. Miller’s enormous size, but you look Photoshopped into that handshake photo. Nice work, artist.

  11. Jim Doran Avatar

    Chas, I agree. I think it WAS touched up – that photo was intended for the internal school/hospital paper. They photoshopped that goofy look on my face before misquoting me and making up facts.

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