This fellow wants to save you this illustration Friday. SAVE THE DATE!

Mr. Snippington wants to SAVE you
pen/ink/water color on illustration board [click for larger]

Mr. Snippington wants to save you a trip to your doctor for whatever ails you. You could save yourself the trouble of not going to your doctor by avoiding him. And you could save the money in your pocket by running the other way. He’ll probably catch you anyway. If you are this close to him, there’s no saving you.

Sorry dear reader. Happy Illustration Friday.




6 responses to “Save”

  1. andi Avatar

    wow that’s durn creepy jim!! but awesome! love the colors!

  2. Og from the Og Blog Avatar

    This reminds me of that show Petes Dragon. You seen that? With the snake oil salesman?

    That guy really needs to work on his image if he wants to be selling that snake oil. And if the devil is a snake, is that oil from his own body? Gross!

    Very bold colors.

  3. dawn Avatar

    Very nicely done…. I love the devilhead. The colors are great too!

  4. rj Avatar

    nicely done… great eye-catching colors!

  5. Vince owns Avatar

    I knew a Francis Snippington in college.

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