Illustration Friday: Dr. Ding has long held the theory that, as part of the cycle of life, we carry the actual grim reaper within us. And, as such, it witnesses our actions, thoughts and ways of being first hand (as a kind of karmic score keeper).

One of his best tricks is showing his theory to his students.




5 responses to “Theory”

  1. Peg Avatar


    I am especially enjoying the adams apple contour. It’s good to know that Dr. Ding still has his wisdom teeth….

    Great drawing (and I love the chalkboard!)

  2. andi Avatar

    had someone shown me this theory when I was in school, I might have gone with medical illustration!! sinister and silly!!

    a : )

  3. studio lolo Avatar

    Great take on the subject. Love the doc’s name too! And you say things from your heart…I like that.
    Thanks for stopping by with such nice comments!

  4. COCOA Avatar

    WOW PAPA YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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