June Sketchbook Challenge

My daughter asked me if she could do a sketchbook challenge in June (having watched me do a May version).


I’m glad she asked because it’s a lot of fun. The little one didn’t want to miss out on anything, either. And now, all the Dorans are drawing.

I am so grateful for these kids.

I created a “Monthly Sketchbook Challenge” on Flickr to record everyone’s progress.

June Book

The rules are simple – get a sketchbook, and fill it up in a month. 100 pages is the minimum. Mine has 120 pages this round. Moleskine sketchbooks are optional. Finishing isn’t a requirement – the attempt IS.

I handed out the books on Friday and hinted that they could start a day early – but they weren’t having it. Looks like they didn’t need a head start – everyone is off to a great start.