Mystery of the Loaves and Fishes

I am hesitant to post these photos – I can’t seem to capture this thing properly. It will be hanging in the National Arts Program exhibit next week at Hopkins, and I’ll take the Nikon and see if I can get some visual traction.

Anyway, I’ve been working on this (idea) for weeks, and it turned out. This¬† triptych is another effort to extrude drawings and bring them into the “real” world.

Full Size View

The top panel is made of layers of drawings on illustration board, cut out and glued together. This fisherman makes an appearance.


For the center panel, I tried something new – I used pen and ink on canvas (below).¬† I’ve drawn this beast before – it’s a bit younger here, and to scale with the fisherman in the boat. I drew every single tentacle, one at a time. That might not be obvious from the image, but there’s a beginning and an end to each one.

Middle Panel

The bottom panel contains…fish.

Bottom Panel

And here’s a couple of work in progress pictures. The frame is made from an old drawer. The handles are still intact (not shown) which made carrying this on the subway a snap.

Behind the canvas in the center panel:

Behind the sail

And some fish.


This piece doesn’t have moving parts (aside from the fish on the lines) – but future ones will (the fisherman). Please note – there are no dead things in this art.