Monthly Sketchbook Challenge Closes

I filled a 100 page sketchbook during the month of May, thanks to the Sketchbook Challenge.

Sketchbook book

I noticed a few things.

  • Moleskines, which were invented by Hobbits, will never replace my trusty, all-purpose sketchbooks. I do not love the yellow pages, and they don’t take my favorite pens’ ink well. I enjoy writing and making notes in them, but I think they become a large part of the art itself, rather than just containing the art. Still, I intend to try the watercolor variety – I painted in this one quite a bit.
  • I produced the 7 Fish drawing because of this challenge, and came up with two other ideas that I’m working on. For that alone I am very glad I did this.
  • I’ve never completely filled a sketchbook before this – I always leave a few pages blank.

This was totally fun. It feels like I just finished a really great novel and already miss the characters.

I posted all the sketches (except one really good screw up, and the two really good ideas) on flickr.