Pen and Ink

I submitted four drawings for consideration at a show in ArtScape this year. The show is really about pens. So, here are my two favorite pens:

Koh-i-neer Rapidograph technical pens

I love these – shown are the .25 and .50 mm nib models. I’ve found they don’t really gum up easily and are a dream to draw with and easy to take care for. I also have a .35 model, but I use these two most often.

Here are two of my four submissions:


Sleigh Bone Drawing

I’ve posted a draft of 7 Fish previously. Here’s the final drawing, click for larger:

7 fish

12×9 India ink on bristol board

I drew both of these using the technical pens.




One response to “Pen and Ink”

  1. Mary Stebbins Taitt Avatar

    OOoh, I love these, that jaw bone is great.

    Like the idea of junk mail art, too! LOL! My daughter sticks them in another junk mail’s postage paid envelop and sends them off to the perpetrators.

    I have a white moleskine, but it’s a water color one.

    White here is the name of the person’s moleskine that I am currently working in. We are only starting the second round, so maybe you could still join. You would just have to quick do some drawings or whatever, and we would have to rearrange the rotation to fit you in. I will forward your note to Andrea, the moderator.

    I think the plan is to do it again, but it will take a whole year for the full rotation of this batch because there are twelve people and we are allowing a month per. But we originally had 13 and someone had to drop out.

    I will ask and let you know.

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