Pet Peeves

Illustration Friday: Pet Peeves.

Litter Bug Creep

This is a tough one because, aside from cutting on the RIAA, I try to stay positive here. So, I put on the first CD I could reach (Parliament’s Greatest Hits) and quickly drew this. I see this all the time in the city – people drop their trash on the ground when there is a trash receptacle within close range.

Another one is “Studios.” Vince Illustrator Studios. Is there more than one? I hope so! Otherwise…that’s another peeve.

Speaking of studio (here’s where this gets positive again), I am moving into mine. There is a longer post coming, with pictures of the whole two plus year process. Here are a couple of quick photos taken with my dinky web cam.

Downstairs: Music and brightly lit work room.

Studio 1

Barn, 2

Upstairs: Drawing tables, chair, futon and closet.


I am very excited.

The other pet peeve idea I had was name dropping – you know, famous people met and or known. But I think chewing with one’s mouth open is far more egregious.


Happy Illustration Friday.





6 responses to “Pet Peeves”

  1. andi Avatar

    ah ha! faboo space!! i know a couple of little guys who would like to get their mitts on those drums!! we have a set, not quite that extensive! Bravo and congrats on your new digs, and i have to agree with your “peeve” too!!

    a : )

  2. Vince owns Avatar

    It’s done???!!!

  3. Jim Doran Avatar

    More or less, yes!

  4. steve Avatar

    Great job! Love seeing the photos too, and the autographed cd–nice.

  5. rj Avatar

    love the blue upstairs and it looks great!

  6. Scott Avatar

    Plickitty wow. Looks great man. Lets get the band back together…dibs on the keyboard.

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