Pet Peeves

Illustration Friday: Pet Peeves.

Litter Bug Creep

This is a tough one because, aside from cutting on the RIAA, I try to stay positive here. So, I put on the first CD I could reach (Parliament’s Greatest Hits) and quickly drew this. I see this all the time in the city – people drop their trash on the ground when there is a trash receptacle within close range.

Another one is “Studios.” Vince Illustrator Studios. Is there more than one? I hope so! Otherwise…that’s another peeve.

Speaking of studio (here’s where this gets positive again), I am moving into mine. There is a longer post coming, with pictures of the whole two plus year process. Here are a couple of quick photos taken with my dinky web cam.

Downstairs: Music and brightly lit work room.

Studio 1

Barn, 2

Upstairs: Drawing tables, chair, futon and closet.


I am very excited.

The other pet peeve idea I had was name dropping – you know, famous people met and or known. But I think chewing with one’s mouth open is far more egregious.


Happy Illustration Friday.