Silent as the Grave: A Melancholy, Part Two

Following up with our grackle who traded his arm for some rum at the Butcher Block Bar, we find him visiting the grave of said arm. This diorama features the smallest skull I’ve ever made. Our grackle is wondering why he wasn’t allowed to keep the bones – it would be a lot simpler than having to visit the grave of his arm. You know?




3 responses to “Silent as the Grave: A Melancholy, Part Two”

  1. elena caravela Avatar

    The ultimate silence. Well done.

  2. neil Avatar

    I have to say it was good of the proprietor of the Butcher Block Bar to at least give the arm a decent burial.

  3. Chas. Avatar

    If you look really closely you can see that the buried hand is holding a tiny jar of Carmex. Unbelievable.

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