That was it

I’ve been talking with the Buddha a lot lately. Fortunately, we both like coffee. I’ve learned that he also likes scrabble, open source software and Haiku. When he has time on his hands, he’ll ride the metro to work with me, and he’ll meet me for a lunch of hot dumpling soup. And he manages the business of the Universe in the meantime.

Poop and baloney
stick to the glue my darling
and and and and and…

That was it




5 responses to “That was it”

  1. O M Wiener Avatar
    O M Wiener

    My Buddha has a first name
    It’s O S C A R…

  2. Utz girl Avatar

    I just love that crinkly eyed pork bun.
    Hot cha cha.

  3. Helen Whittaker Avatar

    I love this. Makes me smile. :-)

  4. scott Avatar

    Can you ask Buddha to look me up? Sounds like a cool dude.

  5. Jim Avatar

    You bet, Scott. He’s on his way.

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