The Zoo

IF: the zoo

Please click the image below to see the full size version. I drew this with the intention of adding bars to the cages (and I may still). It’s late, and I want to post it. Tuesday night is turning into my night to draw.

the Zoo




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  1. Vince owns Avatar
    Vince owns

    Really great Vincey! My only complaint is the vertebrate-centric nature of the drawing. Vertebrates make up less than 3% of all animal species yet the inverts make up only 2 slots in your zoo (great giant clam by the way). Actually now thinking about it, their under-representation might be your way of spotlighting the clam. It sure does shine!!!
    Keep em coming!

  2. doni conner Avatar

    this is a great illustration…i love that the shark is in the blue.

  3. Peg Avatar

    I want to visit this zoo. I love the worms, I love the bacon, I love the whole vertical nine yards of it. How do you get to the top? I imagine you’ve devised some sort of intricate pulley system in the back….

    Great bunny ear bones, too.

  4. moop Avatar

    Oh the lovely lovely zoo bones. I don’t think they are feeding them enough, honey. I LOVE this. Especially the raccoon and crow bones. I am glad the crow bones are kept away from the worms by the kitty. Utter mayham at the zoo. Keep it up, Mister.

  5. Chas. Avatar

    I was ogling the big version, scrolling down from the top, and when I got to the giant cobra I laughed my coccyx off. May I have the aardvark’s as a replacement, please?
    This is brilliant.

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