Through The Viewfinder

Jody left an interesting comment on the camera post a couple of weeks ago about using a Kodak Duaflex camera with a DSLR (or a point-and-shoot) to achieve interesting effects. It’s called “through the viewfinder” or TTV and it’s pretty easy to set up!  This guy explains how.

I picked up a manky old camera on e-bay for $8. It came today. Thanks for the tip, Jody!

I didn’t finish building the camera light blocking cravistan (not shown) until it was quite dark out. It still needs some work, and I can’t wait to see how things look in the sun.

I like the weird, scratchy images. It’s like looking at the world through Tom Waits voice.

Reporting from the barn in the backyard,
this is the Director of Alternative Processes of the barn
with his odd companions wishing you a good evening.