I finished the triptych very early this morning – I’ll post pictures of the whole thing next week after the opening. Here’s is the third piece, which features a tiny, hand sewn book – there’s nothing like the suspense in this book.




15 responses to “Suspense”

  1. Scott Avatar

    I will take one copy of that book, please

  2. Roland Prinsler Avatar

    Strange – and impressive!

  3. Cindy D. Avatar

    Outstanding! That is one impressive, teeny project. Nicely done!

  4. Kai Avatar

    surreal and striking!

  5. jeff szuc Avatar

    Wow! I’m always impressed by people who have the patience to do things like that. well done!

    1. Jim Doran Avatar

      Right on, Jeff. Thanks!

  6. heidi aldin monteleone Avatar

    This is so unique, I love it! Your fine motor skills are awesome!

    1. Jim Doran Avatar

      Thanks Heidi. I wish I’d thought of this when I was younger. ;)

  7. […] The three dioramas are connected, and there’s more detail about each one in previous posts: Suspense, The Clock and A Good Death. Note: I added a couple of images to The Clock post showing the […]

  8. AHAnto Avatar

    Feel lucky when I get to see these.

    1. Jim Doran Avatar

      That’s probably the best thing anyone has said. Thank you.

  9. angel Avatar

    Very cool. I’d love to read that book with an over-sized magnifying glass. I love your progress pictures and fantastic photography skills.

  10. Lewis G. Avatar
    Lewis G.

    your art work is just plain amazing, you and your art have completely inspired me to become a better artist and i too am now trying my hand at making tiny dioramas i have made one so far it is a simple cabin deep in a moon-lit forest. i would just like to thank you for just being you and creating your truly unique pieces of art. your art, is better than any other famous pieces simply because anyone can paint or draw but it takes true talent, such as yours to take a small container and craft even smaller images that tell a complete story on their own.

    1. Jim Doran Avatar

      Thanks for taking the time to say kind things, Lewis! Good luck with your art.

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