I Got a Job as the Moon

I had a dream where I got a job as the moon.

During the day, I was normal me, and I did regular, normal me things. But at night, I was the moon. I watched the dew fall, and ushered dreams to their owners.

I made this animation, based on that dream. I hope you enjoy it. The music, Clair de Lune, was recorded by Amber Short.

This is my longest animation to date, and I’ve been working on it for a month and a day. I might make another version, where this above video appears in a paper theater, like a crankie.

My hands, drawing.
A scroll of black tyvek.
The God Mars in shown with a speech bubble saying foul things.

Scientifically Sound Questions…

Scientifically Sound Questions are inspired by conversations I’ve had with my daughter, Lily. This is another scroll animation, and mostly likely, part one.

Below are some working shots I took…

Scroll on the camera stand.
The scroll in the studio.
Me, painting letters.
Hand puppets.

I’ve submitted this for screening – fingers crossed.

Everything is Great on Page 68

The cover of Everything is Great on Page 69 zine.

Wandering through the journal stacks of my favorite library, I like to pull out random issues of vintage magazines, open them to page sixty-eight, and snap a photo with my phone. Here is the result of the first one.

Special Forces

A new batch of soldier have emerged from the Department of Make Your Own Action Figures™, and they are ready to get to work!

Army man with cactus head
Captain Mortar Cactus
Army man with flame thrower and too many legs
Col. Heat, bringing the heat
Flame Thrower
Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe
Melted army man
Melted army man
Sargent Rock
Melted army man
Melted army man - just legs
General Boot
Chopped up toy army men parts

Happening in the Lab

More late night images from the Department of Make Your Own Action Figures™

plastic Indian with t-rex fused to chest
Cowboy with T-Rex tail
plastic indian with t-rex fused to chest