Joie de Vivre

Charles Street 12 Mile Race

Beverly and I ran the Charles Street 12 miler! We started at the Trader Joe’s in Towson, and ended up at Under Armor by Ft. McHenry. What a fantastic experience, to be able to run unimpeded through Baltimore city on such a beautiful day.

Beverly helped me to start running just before the pandemic. My first real race was a “turkey trot” 5k, which we completed with her mom in 2019. We then added virtual races and runs throughout the pandemic. My daughter ran high school track, and often joined us, which was also a great inspiration to me.



For this month’s exhibition at the Hamilton Gallery and Artist Collective, I threw my best feet forward. These giant drawings were only home for a day from the last exhibition before heading back out.

On view until October.

Woman looking at drawings in a gallery
Two drawings of fishnet feet, and a four small dioramas in altoid tins on a gallery wall.

Supernova Silent Screen

Re-Generation 6th annual supernova digital animation festival.

I am very fortunate to have been included in the Supernova Silent Screen festival hosted by the Denver Digerati in, well, Denver. I made a specially cropped version of Brood X just for this festival. And then added music and some other scenes, which is the version I’ve linked to in this sentence.

Brood X will be shown on screen 6. From their website:

A brand new screen in 2021, the 15th and Champa location is a super high pixel pitch, non-standard format that is close to street level, making it highly visible to anyone passing by. Denver Digerati is very excited to inaugurate this dynamic LED as part of our Silent Screen program in 2021.
Silent Screen September 18th, noon -8PM, downtown Denver.

I won’t make it out there to see this in person, but the organizers were kind enough to send some pics and footage of this week’s screen test.

An LED screen showing a giant raccoon looking at cicada people.
An LED screen showing black birds looking at cicada people.

I’m very grateful to be a part of this! I hope someone in Denver gets a kick out of this video.


Brood X

I completed a new animation today, which commemorates this summer of cicadas. I wrote the soundtrack music, and filmed this one in record time, given the amount of work and puppets involved.

You can watch Brood X at

More very soon!

Joie de Vivre

This monkey’s gone to Heaven

An arm with tattoos

More summer fun.