S.ex no. 21 Spring Break

Another spring break loop – I made one this time last year.

I played some tonal stuff, and then put the guitar down.  The pedal build their own loops and micro loops. It went on for about 13 minutes, gradually distorting and shifting. 

This is a shorter edit, featuring:

@mtl.asm count to five
@redpandalab tensor & particle 
@chasebliss mood & habit 
@bossfx_us @bossinfoglobal DD-8 & Space Echo. 

The video is from my phone.

And below is the long version, S.ex. no. 21 (longer) In the rooms. The rooms contrast my professional life with the rest of my life. Both are important, and in reality, we have one life that somehow we partition mentally.

Joie de Vivre

Under Armour Kelly Benefits St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K

The first race of the year. Wonderful. It was very windy.

We made great time,
we had a great time,
we came in far from last,
we truly had a blast.

Someone, stop me!


Actor Auditions

Whilst in a honeymoon phase, as it were, I came up with another story. I auditioned a few actors this weekend.

Joie de Vivre

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

We returned to the scene of our engagement (above). Here are a few highlights of the trip, in photos.

Both of us standing next to a giant, day of the dead paper machie skeleton
Our feet in Bedrock sandals
Joie de Vivre


I married my person!

We had a tiny, lovely ceremony at the Hamilton Gallery here in Baltimore.

I don’t usually post about mushy stuff like this here, but I think it’s a beautiful story. I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful partner.

I met Beverly on OKCupid. All in all, I only spent a handful of weeks using that app. I had a few false starts, and I certainly learned a few things from them.

I spent time filling out the exhaustive questionnaire, which I recommend. Apparently, Beverly had done the same, and OKCupid presented me to her as a 96% match. Beverly messaged me and said “Maybe we should talk?” I agreed.

We never stopped talking.

I had a great experience using OKCupid. Due to the nature of our interests, it’s not very likely Beverly and I would have ever crossed paths in real life, and so, we would not have met. For example, she is a scientist and I am a sorcerer. And yet, we have so much in common. During the ceremony, I mentioned that it was hard to quantify all the things in that 96%. There are so many things I love about her. And, even more stunning to me, is that our stars seemed to have aligned at the right time, and we found each other.

Our ceremony was small, and quick. My colleague and dear friend Jenny O’Grady agreed to marry us. Bridget Sullivan and the board at the Hamilton Gallery agreed to let us use the space. We asked that everyone wear blue. Marie Jane Machin took our photos (I recommend her, she was delightful, and somehow unobtrusive).

Beverly designed and made her own dress, and my shirt (from the same fabric). My lovely daughter Chloë made our rings. We both wore matching Duckfeet boots.

Jim and Beverly exchange vows
Jm and Beverly Doran embrace
Jim and Beverly Doran
Jim, Jenny O'Grady, and Beverly Doran
Lily, Jim and Chloë Doran
The greatest city in America

We had a small reception at our favorite, Grano Pasta Bar, in Hampden.

Nancy gives a speech
puttanesca, my favorite

It was a perfect, happy day.

We then left for our honeymoon in Puerto Rico.


Monster Attack play set

Another play set made with shrinky dinks. There are fun to make!