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Maryland Film Festival

Maryland Film Festival logo

Brains screened at the 25th Maryland Film Festival. I got to attend a conference of the Film Producers Club of Maryland, which highlighted for me just how far removed I am from the “film industry.” I got to sit between my friends Skizz and Lynn Tomlinson.

Film makers club of Maryland in the Francis Scott Key room
Jim Doran and Skizz

Brains played in two animation showcases, and then I got to do a Q&A with Phil Davis, which was fun (as always).

Brains in the Fred Lazarus theater at MICA
Q&A with Phil Davis

There were some really interesting exhibits involving projection mapping and VR (my first experience with VR). I learned quite a bit.

I watched Secret Mall Apartment. Michael Townsend was on hand to introduce the film, and do a Q&A.

He explained that he and his colleagues in this sat on the footage. After he was arrested, they had at least 30 producers come forward and offer to make this. They decided to work with Jeremy Workman, who they felt could present artists to a non-art community with empathy and clarity.

In addition to teaching, Michael Townsend had several projects involving installing murals with painter’s tape in children’s hospitals, Oklahoma city, and to honor the victims of 9/11.

I was inspired by this. Colin Bliss, Michael’s friend and artist colleague, talks about how it’s not artists’ responsibility to use their talent to try and change the world, but when presented with an opportunity to contribute in some way, it sure feels good.

Another sentiment that rang like a bell inside me is the idea of living an artistic life. It was validating – I had a realization of just how important conscious art-making is in my life. I knew this already, of course, but I reflected back on just how much work I’ve done, and how it has impacted my life, and how grateful I am to have found my path. I’m not sure everyone finds, or arrives at, their most chosen path.

I took Beverly to see Anna Biller’s Viva. So many thoughts about this 2007 film. I’ll say what I loved most is the attention paid to the amazing decor and the soundtrack.

We also attended Skizz’s presentation of Divine Trash on 35mm. Skizz introduced the film, and then brought Steve Yeager on stage for a Q&A. One of the funniest answers was when question about the interview with the Film Censor, Steve mentioned that they didn’t tell here what the interview was for until later.

John Waters made an appearance to congratulate his old friend. What a screening!

I feel inspired and energized, and I didn’t expect to get quite so much from this festival. It was fantastic, and I am happy.


Actor Auditions

Whilst in a honeymoon phase, as it were, I came up with another story. I auditioned a few actors this weekend.


Professional Development

This was a kind of screen test for my bug guys. I drew it in Procreate (rotoscoped) and put the audio together.



Magus Incognito

When I wrapped up Brains, I began thinking about what my next project should be. I have a sketchbook with a few ideas, including some music videos, and the sequel to The Lunatics (which I played with in the animation I made for the Peale last month). I also am eager to do some 3D stop motion work.

Another idea that’s been rolling around my brainpan is a treatment of some ideas put forth in a favorite book: The Kyballion. Initially, I figured it would be non-narrative. So, I picked up a fresh of The Kybalion: The Definitive Edition and began brainstorming.

This book was recommended to me by a medium in Washington, D.C. years ago, and I’ve returned to it many times. And the copy I’ve linked makes a strong case that William Walker Atkinson is the actual author. This edition also includes Atkinson’s The Seven Cosmic Laws. I’ve had a lot of fun reading this.

The Kyballion cover

I originally intended to make Magus Incognito in the spring, but a festival of hermetic inspired films caught my eye on I seem to work best when I have a deadline, and had to quickly focus my ideas for this. This version is 77 seconds long, and the file I uploaded turned out to be 70.77 MB! I may continue to develop this material into a longer film, but this initial pass accomplishes what I was was hoping to achieve.

The animation can be viewed at

I also made a dioroama for this animation in a Trader Joe’s green tea mint tin box.

Magus diorama in a trader joe's mint tin - cut paper scene from animation
Magus diorama in a trader joe's mint tin - cut paper scene from animation
Magus diorama in a trader joe's mint tin - cut paper scene from animation

New Works

Happy to be a part of this. Brains was well received, and viewed in very good company.

People sitting in folding chairs at a screening