Trust Science

Have you found yourself wondering how, in 2020, sound scientific advice is ignored? I have.

Here are the last of my vintage Altoid dioramas. Trust Science, my friends.

Ear Canal
Circulation system
Rib cage
Astigmatism test
The Brain

Anatomy of a Crime Scene

It looks like the crime spree continues. Scene number five is found in a scientific laboratory. When will this end?

Science lab diorama in an altoids tin.


This is ridiculous. I performed an operation in my workshop that amounted to very delicate surgery. I wasn’t just playing doctor, though. Have a look.

This set will be available at the Hamilton Gallery on Harford Road in Baltimore as part of the holiday show. I just joined the collective.

Anatomy of a Crime Scene

Yet another crime scene in a weathered Altoids tin. This time at an annual prune eating contest. What’s worse – the plunger was missing! Great Scott!

Speaking for myself, I think one would be well advised to avoid these events.

Anatomy of a Crime Scene

Outer space scene

Anatomy of a crime scene #4. Crime can happen in outer space.

For example, it might happen on an asteroid hurtling through the cosmos, passing through clouds of space dust, and the evidence might never be found. Certainly, stranger things have happened.