Frida My Love

I found a handful of these tiny, ancient tins for me. We’ve seen Frida like this before.

In the Name of Research

The Assistant of Dr. F

All the best magicians have the best assistants, and Dr. F was no exception. And while his whole story is lost in the ether, Kitty Wampus didn’t share his fate. She worked with Dr. F during his years working as an illusionist. It’s assumed she stopped working with him when he turned his attention to conjuring and more traditional forms of Magic. It’s also unclear just how close they were.

This piece is pretty much imposible to photograph well. The container is a plastic specimen jar a friend gave me.


This is for my upcoming show at School 33. The banner reads “Until Death Us Do Part, Yet Forever in the Heart.”  This is an old soap case, which I presume once held soap. This scene shows the initial reunion of dead lovers in the Land of the Dead.


Thy body is a temple. Here are some of the deities found there, anthropomorphized for your connivence in a vintage laxative tin.

I’m sure I don’t have to explain this. Especially not the Virgin Thumbnail or Nosetradamus. I’m sure you aren’t going to ask.