The Lonely Swamp

Lapsang Souchong tea is my favorite. And this tea tin from Teany isn’t bad, either. It’s an ideal place to find a lonely swamp, complete with a cabin, a giant leech, a hidden cave and a boat to try to escape from said lonely swamp (I’m particularly proud of how the boat can be seen from above and below the surface of the water).



P.S. Please have a cup of Lapsang Souchong for me, will you? I’ve been caffeine free for a month now – no coffee, no black tea, no chocolate.

How about them apples?


Here are some pics from a remake for a commission [12/2/2014].






Deathly Repose of Poseidon

Even Gods yield to time. This diorama shows Poseidon’s deathly repose at the bottom of an anchovy tin among the shipwrecks deep in the Dead Sea.



Lost at Sea


I made this piece to auction at the Chesapeake Roller Derby fundraiser (tomorrow night as of this writing, if you are interested). I had a lot of fun making the fluid waves and the smallest Jolly Roger ever and the first mermaid to show up. The diorama is in a Cento anchovies tin. It’s kind of the opposite of an Altoids tin.


Up next, working on several pieces for an April group show in DC.


A Persistence of Memory

So. There’s a really big art show at work later today and I submitted this piece – a triptych called A Persistence of Memory. The three dioramas are connected, and there’s more detail about each one in previous posts: Suspense, The Clock and A Good Death. Note: I added a couple of images to The Clock post showing the finished base.

I  earned an honorable mention AND I’ve found a very effective way display dioramas in a public space.