Praying Mantises in an altoids tin

In the beginning, “beginning” had 3 ‘n’s. Ns. N’s. B E G I N N I N G.

And also, ROYGBIV.

Santa Muerte Portrait

One of a set, Santa Muerte is a cousin the the Four Horsemen.

Santa Muerte Portrait

Four Horsemen Family Portrait

I love this oval frame. I’ve been saving it for a while, and decided to revisit my horse people. The background is acrylic paint, and Death glows in the dark, as usual.

It’s 12″ tall.

An Arm and a Leg

Anatomic drawing of an arm in an altoids tin
Anatomic drawing of a leg in an altoids tin

6. Cravistan (not shown)

Entomological leg
Alien appendage

Hope is in the Ocean

Here’s an empty can of clams – well, it was empty.

An old can of bumble bee clams
A woman coming out of a fish holding an anchovy eel
Hope is in the ocean.