Pestilence Rides Out

Pestilence the horseman over Baltimore
Diorama on its side
Dumb Dumb

This is a 10″x 10″ cut paper diorama.

These are such strange days, and I hope this passes soon. I hope you and yours stay safe and healthy. I hope we all survive Pestilence.

Don’t Drink Bleach

I was as stunned as you were to hear Mr. Trump speak about his theories regarding UV light, and disinfectants. If he was smart, he’d leave the Weird Science to the professionals. But, that’s the problem, isn’t it? You can’t make this stuff up!

Donald Trump drinking bleach.

Doctor Poison’s Assistant was called Wormwood

Altoid Diorama with mad scientists

Everything is Great on Page 68

The cover of Everything is Great on Page 69 zine.

Wandering through the journal stacks of my favorite library, I like to pull out random issues of vintage magazines, open them to page sixty-eight, and snap a photo with my phone. Here is the result of the first one.

UPDATE: This was added to Special Collections digital collection at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Special Forces

A new batch of soldier have emerged from the Department of Make Your Own Action Figures™, and they are ready to get to work!

Army man with cactus head
Captain Mortar Cactus
Army man with flame thrower and too many legs
Col. Heat, bringing the heat
Flame Thrower
Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe
Melted army man
Melted army man
Sargent Rock
Melted army man
Melted army man - just legs
General Boot
Chopped up toy army men parts