Weird Fantasy

Another Weird Science (Fantasy) diorama cover…

Anthropomorphic foot lady
Anthropomorphic foot lady
Weird Fantasty
Weird Fantasy 3D diorama

Weird Science

Weird Science cover #2. Cut paper in an altoids tin, with neon paint and a black light.

Human brain scientist (literally) hold a head
Human brain scientist (literally) hold a head
Human brain scientist (literally) hold a head under a black light

Weird Science

This is a new series of dioramas, where I’m exploring some ideas inspired by my recent exploration of comix. It looks super cool under a black light.

Penn State is Great

Penn State playes in an altoids smalls tin

I made this as a present. It’s a little tight, in this small space, but I’m proud of the lion’s ear in the Penn State logo background.

Birds of a Feather

Two new dioramas for an upcoming show at Fleckenstein Gallery in Hampden, “…and Your Birds can Sing.”

Alred Hitchcock and Edgar Allen Poe sitting with a Raven on a bench
Max Ernst dreamt he was a bird.

These will join Larry Bird and the Bird’s Nest.

Bird Dioramas grouped together
A banner that reads: And your bird can sing.
Opening crowd at Fleckenstein
Me, standing on the steps.
Installed Dioramas