Harry and Hazzel in Haunter Hex

In doing some research for a school project, I found this comic I made as a kid.

Back then, I was deeply inspired by both Tom & Jerry comics, and The Cricket in Times Square.

Cover page to comic
Look at that storm! It was a very dark and stormy night!
car driving in the rain
I’ll translate my youthful handwriting. The top panel reads “Driving home, from a trip, in a car they built, Harry, Hazzle, Jester, and larry feel uneasy about the storm.” Then, “The car is very neat. It has jets in the back, and ??? in the front.” The next panel reads “The bridge the(y) had to cross was down.”

I always made my characters live in over designed houses, and drive over designed vehicles that they made themselves.

A formidable castle in the distance
“They saw this and went in.”
“Look! We can park over there. See.”

The castle (there probably wasn’t a motel anywhere) was on a cliff, of course. And you can see the purple door, even from this far away.

A huge castle door
“Look how far up that is!”
“Just for a door!”
“Lets see you find a peep hole in that thing!”
“It sure is lopsided!! It has weird carvings on it.”

I remember thinking the door was off when I drew it, so I worked that into the conversation, as though it was on purpose.

I can’t find the rest of the story. I know they found a smaller door and gained entrance to the castle, and had adventures inside. But, I can’t remember what happened.


Cigarette Acting Class

Or, how to smoke correctly.

coyote smoking
coyote smoking American style
coyote smoking European style

Insomnia Haiku #4

Serial scales on staff paper

and music analysis
easier at night.


Insomnia Haiku #3

Words make things better

Insomnia Haiku #3

Words make things better
Reliving my day again
I should have said that.


Insomnia Haiku #2

drawing of hand holding a spoon

Help me find a ring
That turns me invisible
So I can steal spoons.


Why do you have a pink phone case?

Why do you have a pink phone case (showing pink iPhone).
Pink guitar effects pedal