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Return of the Ass Blog

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over a year since I “had a little work done.”

The Ass Blog
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I called the hospital to see where they buried my little buddy “Ed,”  as I thought it would be nice to put a little wreath on his grave. Apparently, they don’t actually do that anymore.

In lieu of flowers, please just send money. Hurry.

The Waiting Room

The second comic from my little press involves snippets of a conversation overheard in a hospital waiting room. Everything in the following book was indeed said. More or less.

Comic Cover: the Waiting Room

FOOTNOTE: A few years ago, I published an anonymous newsletter entitled “The Egregious Linoleum Jerk.” I did small, targeted mailings and I left them around Baltimore. I produced issues when I could cobble together enough prose, ideas and photos to fill 8-10 legal sized pages. It was really fun. So, there’s my confession – if you received one, and you didn’t know who sent it – it was me.

Drain Cleaner Magic

I am beside myself with excitement! I’ve completed two 16 page mini-comics, and created a new area on my site to continue this activity. Here’s the deal:

I’m posting my completed issues as PDFs for you to print and put together. If you prefer a handmade, special version of your very own, please visit my Etsy space.

Issue one involves a precocious grackle and the sinister Mr. Vicars, who has appeared in several of my drawings elsewhere on this site. This was my very first attempt at this format. Very fun.

Drain Cleaner Magic

I hope you like it!