Early Drawings

Here are some more drawings from my very young self.

Epic battle with Batman, Spiderman and Hulk
Epic battle with a crabclaw monster
Epic battle with Godzilla
Crow-dude, a character of my own invention.

More Feet Drawings

Black and White Feet Drawings

This last one has gold stars I found on the sidewalk at work.

About Face WIP

As referenced in the title, this is a work-in-progress post.

Last month, I started another large drawing, based on a patchwork, stream of consciousness grouping of faces, which hover above trees in a park.

Scroll on my drawing stand.

Initially, I wanted this to be a drawing, but I hit the end of the spool of paper before I could finish it. Here is Goose sitting on the drawing, for scale.

Then, I thought it would be interesting to animate it. The first problem I found was the praying mantis in the foreground. I envision using this as a background on the multi-plane camera stand. The second problem was the scale of the drawing was too large to effectively animate.

I made a smaller version, shown below.

I made a first pass of filming this on Sunday, showing movement and sound.

I think this works, such as it is, so I intend to do a “real” take, where I add and subtract from the drawing.

Large scale drawings

I met with Nicole, the Arts Supervisor for the Greenbelt Community Center Art Gallery, early in July to review plans for the amazing show “Where Two Worlds Touch: Drawing and Sculpture by Mary Baum, Jim Doran and Annie Farrar”, which is on display in Greenbelt, Maryland, until the end of October (more on that shortly).

I shared the large drawing of “A Reunion” with her, and outlined my hopes for using the space.

A reunion prototype drawing

I stretched out for this show, quite literally, and made some long drawings on Tyvek with my upright drawing table.  I had a few false starts, and I think I’ve come up with some improvements for version 2.0 of this table, but I love this process and the results.

All these drawings are on Tyvek. Here are a few process shots:


Pine Island

4 Horsemen Legs

The four horsemen

At the time of this writing, I’m almost finished with the installation and prep for the show.

Here are some process shots of the installation. Many, many thanks to my daughter Lily for being patient with me, as several weekends and many evenings were lost to hours of art making. She even helped  with touching things up. And, most of all, thanks to Nicole for her collaborative approach to this show, for also being patient and flexible, and for her help with the installation. I am excited about the results, and have grown as an artist this summer. Thank you, both – I look forward to working with you in the future on new projects!


20' of Tyvek

Leezle and my horsemen

Leezle Touching up

Pine Island, pre-install