oh hey what’s up

pterodactyl birb and a cowpoke

WIP for the Benefits of Radiation animation. A pterodactyl birb and a cowpoke at the radiation bar.

I probably need a nap.

Early Drawings

Here are some more drawings from my very young self.

Epic battle with Batman, Spiderman and Hulk
Epic battle with a crabclaw monster
Epic battle with Godzilla
Crow-dude, a character of my own invention.

More Feet Drawings

Black and White Feet Drawings

This last one has gold stars I found on the sidewalk at work.

About Face WIP

As referenced in the title, this is a work-in-progress post.

Last month, I started another large drawing, based on a patchwork, stream of consciousness grouping of faces, which hover above trees in a park.

Scroll on my drawing stand.

Initially, I wanted this to be a drawing, but I hit the end of the spool of paper before I could finish it. Here is Goose sitting on the drawing, for scale.

Then, I thought it would be interesting to animate it. The first problem I found was the praying mantis in the foreground. I envision using this as a background on the multi-plane camera stand. The second problem was the scale of the drawing was too large to effectively animate.

I made a smaller version, shown below.

I made a first pass of filming this on Sunday, showing movement and sound.

I think this works, such as it is, so I intend to do a “real” take, where I add and subtract from the drawing.