Feet Drawings

Many artists have difficulty drawing feet. Practice makes perfect, and on the heels (get it?) of completing my new drawing tables, I thought I’d dip a toe into that pool and have some fun with Tyvek, fishnets and feet.

Giant Feet Drawing

More feet, fishnets

Lending a hand for scale

I finally cut this scroll off after 8-10 pairs of feet (I don’t remember).

Next, I thought I try some toes.

Pink Fishnets and gray nail polish

Yellow Fishnets and green nail polish

Blue nail polish and orange fishnets

I like the complexity of the fishnets, and the shape of the soles.

Fishnet soles

PINK fishnet soles

I am really happy with the way this one turned out: Fishnets on soles, up.

More fishnets

Oh, and while I was at it, I thought I should do a sandal – this one is made by Bernardo, a classic.

Bernardo Lilly Sandal Drawing

Bernardo Lilly Sandal Drawing

I will keep working on these, because there are just so many other foot related puns to share…it’s just so good for the sole.

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling

I’ve been fascinated with long drawings for years. I like to buy the cheap rolls of paper from IKEA (MÅLA) and try to make one drawing that is 98′ long. There’s a connection between scroll drawing and animation, too. The linear flow of a narrative.


I’ve been wanting to work bigger, and with something more durable than kids’ drawing paper. I’ve used Tyvek over the years, and as I still have part of a roll from an old construction project, I decided to build an easel to hold and help me manage larger drawings.

Drawing Easel

This was my first attempt, using an old table top and an IKEA table/leg set I have in the basement. I decided that I didn’t need that much horizontal surface space, and I also needed something to hold rolls of paper.

Version two, shown below with a drawing in progress, works much better. With the scroll loaded into a 1/4″ piece of PVC pipe, I can work either right-to-left, or left-to-right, depending on which side of the table the scroll sits.

Version 2 of my drawing table

Pit bull sitting by my table

And here is the above drawing, finished:

Rhino Beetle drawing

I start with some small, thumbnail sketches to figure out what I want to do:

4" Thumbnail drawing
And then I transfer that idea onto the scroll, which I cut out, collage with other materials, etc.

Enlarged sketch

Jan’s Third Eyebrow

Jan was excited to have 3 eyebrows.

Jan used her third eyebrow to great effect

Jan's third eyebrow enhanced her third eye

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